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2017 Class Schedule









Self -defense








Fut Kung















Black Belt & Advanced








Crane style

Chi Kung








6 to 11 yrs. of age







Open Saturday 2:30 to 4:00 pm for soft sparring and personal training as well.

New Class Internal: Crane Style Chi Kung Thursday’s: 6:15 - 6:55pm


Calendar Year 2017

January 2th Classes Resume
11th Test week 9th- 13th
February 5th Test Week 5th -11th
11th Belt Ceremony 4-6pm
March 6th Test week 6th - 11th
April 16th Closed Easter Holiday
9th Test Week 9th - 15th
May 14th Closed Mother's Day
7th Test Week 7th - 13th
29th Closed Memorial Day
June 11th Test Week 11th - 17th
13th Belt Ceremony 4-6pm
18th Closed Father's Day
July 4th Closed 4th Independence Day
6th Test Week 6th- 12th
August 9th Test week 9th - 13th
19th Tournament sparring, Kata's & Kid (Kata's & Punches)
September 4th Closed Labor Day
10th Test Week 10th - 16th
October 8th Test Week 8th - 14th
14th Belt Ceremony 4-6pm
November 12th Test Week 12th - 18th
23th Closed 23 - 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 10th Test Week 10th - 16th
22nd Closed Dec Christmas 22 thru 1-2-18

Contact us for effective self-defense and fitness classes.

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Effective Self-Defense & Fitness Classes

Join Lee’s Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Raytown, Missouri, and enjoy the benefits of our fitness and self-defense classes. We offer a wide range of classes, including nutrition suggestions to help you make the most of each movement you make.

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Lifestyle Fitness Classes

Each of our lifestyle fitness classes includes 20 minutes of no-impact Kung Fu Cardio. Those who don’t exercise are encouraged to start slowly, and take all the breaks you need. You’re sure to notice your endurance improving quickly. Stretching is a must, especially as we get older, and our classes include weight training as well, including the proper way to life. We also discuss healthy eating habits to improve your results further.

We don’t focus only on the external battle on aging, we focus on using the Kung Fu discipline to improve our health all-around. Your first battle is the hardest—come in for your first class. From there, you’ll develop new habits and better health. One of the first will be healthy eating. Start small and eliminate one bad food at a time, celebrate the victories along the way, and replace them with better options. You don’t need to eat less, only better.

Self-Defense Classes
People Practicing - Self-Defense Classes
Students Practicing - Self-Defense Classes

Self-Defense Classes

The discipline that you build through our self-defense classes improves all the other parts of your health and lifestyle, no matter your age. We offer no-impact classes, so you’ll never have to explain a black eye or suffer through a throw to the floor. You’ll learn useful self-defense skills, without the concern of injury. We offer classes for students of all ages, helping children to avoid bullies and ensuring women and seniors can defend themselves. Classes are available Sunday from 3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. and Monday–Thursday from 6:30 p.m.–9:00 p.m.


Training Options

Heath & Fitness Life style:  Classes includes 20 minutes of no impact Kung-Fu Cardio: Those who have not excise will be encouraged to start slowly. Which means taking as many breaks as needed. You will notice your endurance improving very quickly. Stretching: Is a must as we get older, especially those painful Joints, that require special attention. Weight training: First you will be instructed on how to lift weights. Then you will be on a weight training program. Health eating methods that will increases your fitness goals and results.

Self-Defense Program: Includes all of the above,  plus real life common sense defense training.  Students don't have to get a black eye to learn effective self defense skills. Students can test monthly and belt testier 4 months. Testing is at your on pace and the same in health  life style goals. However you will be exposed to health life style options. As you improve your self defense skills, your confidence and self esteem will also increase. Our goal is to encourage the student to apply this new physical discipline eating healthier eating.

Advance training program: Includes all the above, plus you'll learn how to apply advanced skills that are effective and quickly learned.  This program will measure your understanding of your fight skill. These class gives the advanced students good offensive attacker, counter attack or defensive skill. these classes will give you the ability to share or demonstrate fight skill with control strikes . Why? you do not want to hurt your students or a family member that wants to test your skills.

Contract not require.

• We are not a fitness gym that promotes only external development.
• Battle this aging and poor health war.
• We are a Kung Fu school that promotes using the kung fu discipline to improve the way we eat. 
• The first battle you must win is the toughest-- "coming in for your 1st class".

Private Lessons

Member Rate: There are special discount for active and inactive students.

Program 1: Individual prefer a traditional program which  involves Stretching, forms, wooden dummy, testing preparation and fighting (street defense, kick defense, wing chun sparring and wing chun fut grappling).

Program 2: Are for Those whose main focus is health and fitness. This program you are taught how to eat in a manner that burns fat and improve overall health. Learning the importance of stretching, how the lack of stretching can cause many other health problems. Then being taught stretches that are simple. you will be give a form to record your progress.

What can one expect from training?:

Woman Kicking - Self-Defense Classes

In 6 months to one year, your friends will notice a big improvement in your defense. Increased strength and flexibility as well as a new humble confidence are additional benefits within 6 months. If you're committed, this life-long discipline can be transferred to all other parts of life.

The body is the temple. How can we truly achieve happiness if we leave our body behind? Call now and improve your life from the inside out.

Healthy Eating Plan - You will improve you health with a balanced program designed by Teacher Lee. This program will include a system for better eating and no dieting. Teacher Lee will provide healthy substitutes for the bad foods you are currently eating.

Personal Trainer - Next, based on body type and gender, a weight-lifting and fitness plan will be designed to increase muscle, lower body fat and reduce inches in unwanted places. Another area that attacks our body, no matter what age is the lost of flexibility. A program for stretching will also be the focus. Most of the back and joint pain people experience everyday could be prevented with a regular stretching plan that covers the entire body.

Self-Defense Instructions -  Anyone can hurt hurt you at anytime. What separates the master from the instructor? The instructor, if attacked, must hurt to protect himself. The Master under attack has options, whether to teach a lesson without physical harm, to humiliate with physical harm or to hurt the attacker. This type of self-control can only come from hard work and real-life combat experiences--not like the tournament fighting where all you lose is the match. In real combat, you lose your life or receive life long injuries. At Yellow Belt, your best friend will not be able to touch you with a punch.


Seminar Topics:

• Healthy Eating Methods that can Add Years to Life
• Slowing Down the Aging Clock with Kung-Fu
• Lifting weights and stretching for results at any age
• Traditional Wing Chun Application
• Wing Chun Fut -the art of fighting with attacking options
• Defeat your opponent without be require
• Elite Combat Tactics:  Is about destroying the attacker. This method is for those who needs to learn how to defend themselves quickly.
• Save Your Children from School Bullies.
• Traps, Grabs and Counter-Grabbing.

To schedule a seminar or to receive prices information please contact Master Lee at 816-353-7770 or email us at lcmakc@yahoo.com.

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